Main production areas

Currently, the production can be devided into two main areas:

  • The production of sintered mechanical components which are manufactured according to the customer’s design.
  • The production of pneumatic components of own design which are commercialized through the SAS catalogues.

The sintered mechanical components are used in widespread areas of industry (automotive industry, agricultural machines, locks, household electrical appliances, automation, military applications, gears, self lubricated bearings, etc.). The raw used materials are powders of different steels, stainless steel, bronze, brass, aluminium as well as advanced materials like Somaloy.

The company production in the pneumatic sector is very diversified and includes silencers, fittings, regulators, valves, air filters, cylinders, jokes and rod ends, etc. as well as a vast selection of accessories like air-guns, polyurethane tubes, tanks, etc.  All these components are also available in OEM version.

The SAS SINTERIZZATI Company offers filters in bronze, stainless steel, wire and plastic (PEHD), according to sizes and shapes which can be found in standard catalogues or produced according to the costumer’s design. Each production seat has been constituted as an independent company for reasons of administration as well as for reasons of commercial activities. Every production seat deals with a specific production area. By taking profit from a strong corporation synergy the different companies of the group have achieved a high degree of specialization and competence, based on specific machinery and tools. All SAS Companies are certified according to ISO 9001:2008.


At SAS Forlì, the activity mainly focuses on the production and the assembly of the pneumatic components as well as on the mechanical finishing of sintered parts which were manufactured in other plants of the group.
In this plant you can also find the central store of all the standard pneumatic components which are commercialized in more then 70 countries all over the world.


At SAS Bologna, the sintered components (small, medium and large series) are manufactured. In addition, the sintering of components in Stainless Steel is performed using a vacuum furnace, fully automatic.
Furthermore, there is an independent area which produces tools used to press sintered components and which takes care of the maintenance of thees tools.




At SAS France di Saulieu the sintered components (medium and large series) are manufactured, beeing this unit  fully automated.