Silencers in bronze, plastic, ceramic and stainless steel.
Sas can offer the whole variety currently present in the international market: more than 50 different types, with a production of half a million pieces/month.



Filters manufactured in bronze, stainless steel, wire and plastic (PEHD).  SAS offers a big variety of products, included in standard catalogues.





Fittings in brass and stainless steel, including push-in fittings in plastic polymer, brass and stainless steel.





Seaground Plates:
Standardplate and Seaground Plates, made in sintered spherical bronze.




Pneumatic Accessories.







Pneumayic Accessories produced under the SAS Trade Mark or  OEM.









Sintered cylindrical bearings (with or without flange) in bronze, iron and stainless steel.  SAS offers standard dimensions, which are stored for immediate delivery as well as custom-made products.





Yokes, rod ends, pins and rollers